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Is Your Dog Spoiled?

Who here hasn’t had feedback that their dog was “spoiled” after explaining their pup eats fresh food, goes for runs, or visits the chiropractor? I hear this ALL THE TIME- “your dog eats grass fed meat? Spoiled!” “Your dog had acupuncture? Spoiled!” “You give your dog a probiotic? Spoiled!” And all I wanna do is scream “do you know how much pain and allergy medication costs? Do you know how much surgery costs? Do you know the personal cost of dealing with a chronically ill dog? DO YOU?” *breathes into a paper bag*

In all seriousness though, I understand that these comments are typically delivered in jest and not deliberately meant to be harmful. However, unfortunately, they are. This is because we’ve begun to normalize the idea that feeding fresh food, getting above average exercise and finding alternative therapies for varying ailments should somehow be met with discomfort or shame (such is the life of those who go against the grain).

This notion that prioritizing wellness for our pups is fancy and boujee is OLD NEWS. Our dogs are our best buds; our babies- I don’t know a single pet parent who doesn’t want their dog to live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible. It’s simply how to achieve that that’s been confused (by the forceful and ever seductive marketing from large pet food corporations and subsequently, many western certified vets). When I tell you I know pet parents who spend more at the vet quarterly than I do on raw organic food for Opie all year, I am not lying. 

It’s also important to note that although processed foods may feel more familiar in terms of how to care for your dog, extruded kibble has only been around for 65 years (dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years). And the truth is, regardless of what you believe, the proof is in the pudding. Our dogs have never been sicker, lived shorter lives or were more dependent on medication. It’s clear we need to shake things up and, when you think about it, the concept is simple- like any dog, hoo-man or otherwise, they will more likely thrive when eating whole foods, prioritizing movement and fresh air, and limiting exposure to toxins from the environment, cosmetics and medication. Who doesn’t feel lethargic, moody or achey after a week of eating badly, no less a lifetime? This isn’t specific to humans, it’s to all species who were never meant to solely rely on processed/high sugar/high starch foods. 

So dust yourself off and remember- you’re a badass self-aware proactive pet parent and when someone tells you your dog is spoiled, you can simply say, “define spoiled”?