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Pup Approved "Rice Krispies" Treats

Soooo this week I posted a Tik Tok making whole food dog friendly Rice Krispies treats without detailing the recipe but since it was such a fun experiment and Opie loved each bite so much it would only be fair to share so you can make it for your pooch...

End of Summer Avocado Gazpacho

So, the other day I cockily announced that it was soup season. Turns out- not so much *crowds around air conditioner and thanks the heavens for this wonderful synthetic gift that makes us mildly ill but also able to continue on with our days without throwing up as the temperature...

Barkfast Shareable Chia Seed Pudding

Barkfast Shareable Chia Seed Pudding! A nutrient dense plant based breakfast dish perfect for sharing with your pup.

Red Velvet Shareable Valentines Pancakes

I'll be the first to admit it. I'm a sucker for Valentine's day. Yes, it's corny, yes it's a push for consumerism, but, to me, it's just an excuse to spend a little more time loving your beings and accepting that love in return. No bushels of candy, expensive roses...

Grain Free Vegan Unrefined Sugar Free Shareable Gingerbread Cookies

Listen, if there's gonna be any time of year to indulge, it's over the winter holidays- cozy, bundled up at home in front of the fire or a good movie, wearing pants with an elastic waist band as full bodied wine, chocolate and rich roasted meats and veg cascade across your feed.  And...