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End of Summer Avocado Gazpacho

So, the other day I cockily announced that it was soup season. Turns out- not so much *crowds around air conditioner and thanks the heavens for this wonderful synthetic gift that makes us mildly ill but also able to continue on with our days without throwing up as the temperature...

Minty Green Tea Summertime Smoothies

It's been a while but we're back and cranking out the recipes! Summer time is my favourite season for creating new dishes because seasonal produce is at its best! Vibrant greens, earthy herbs, juicy berries and stone fruits all line the market stalls, practically begging to be tossed into parfaits,...

Barkfast Shareable Chia Seed Pudding

Barkfast Shareable Chia Seed Pudding! A nutrient dense plant based breakfast dish perfect for sharing with your pup.

Top 5 Unique Superfood Toppers

Toppers are a must have when it comes to our pups- it adds variety to their diet, increases intake of fresh foods and provides options for picky eaters. But lately, I’ve been seeing the same toppers over and over...and over. Bone broth? Boring. Kefir? So last year. Bee Pollen? Turmeric?...