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Top 5 Unique Superfood Toppers

Toppers are a must have when it comes to our pups- it adds variety to their diet, increases intake of fresh foods and provides options for picky eaters.

But lately, I’ve been seeing the same toppers over and over...and over. Bone broth? Boring. Kefir? So last year. Bee Pollen? Turmeric? Spirulina? Great options but we’ve heard them all before. So I wanted to present some superfood alternatives that you just might LOVE.


  • BEET KVASS- a raw probiotic rich fermented beverage that is anti-cancer, cleanses the liver, supports gut health and immunity and helps combat fatigue and allergies (quite an impressive list!) It’s also super easy to make- check out our post on how to make Beet Kvass!
  • ROSE HIP POWDER- Aside from the name being AH-mazing (alongside its beautiful mustardy colour), rose hips are typically known for being rich in vitamin C and, subsequently, great immune support. They're also anti-inflammatory and contribute to good bone, joint and tissue health.
  • MORINGA- an herb filled with protein, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, antimicrobials and all of the essential fatty acids. This is a much better alternative to any type of synthetic vitamin mix! Use in leaf powder or seed oil form and chat to your holistic veterinarian about dosage.
  • RAW PUMPKIN SEEDS- a great source of omega 3s, soluble fiber and actually act as a natural deworming agent if your pup has any parasites living in their digestive tract. Grind the seeds before feeding to your dog to help with optimal nutrient absorption.
  • BROCCOLI SPROUTS- rich in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and sulforaphane, a sulfur rich compound found in cruciferous veg that has been proven to be anti-cancer and a potent antioxidant! So why the sprouts vs the flower and stem? Sprouts contain over 100 times more sulforaphane and are super cost effective (just sprout the seeds yourself!)

I hope this inspires you to venture outside of the box when exploring optimizing your doggo's health holistically!