The story of Heal DOGGY began in 2014 when we adopted our Boxer Bulldog, Opie. Being a combination of two very sensitive breeds, we realized, quickly, how important the simplicity and quality of ingredients in his food would be to his overall health.

We decided early on that a raw food diet was best for Opie, keeping treats very basic- liver bites, salmon skin, chicken jerky and fresh, doggy-approved fruits and vegetables. 

Soon after, we started to scale back on animal-based products as a family. And we realized, although dogs are carnivores, eating meat-based treats on top of meat-based meals was sure to be hard on their systems (and our planet!).

So began the search for a plant based treat that could offset the amount of animal product Opie consumed on a daily basis without giving him allergy flare ups. What we found, however, was high in sugar, made with grains or jam-packed with preservatives.

And as for all of those fruits and veggies we were feeding him? It turns out, that unless they’re ingested in a similar fashion to the wild, (i.e. pulverized in the contents of their preys’ bellies) their nutrients don’t get absorbed nearly as well!

So began the mission to create a super treat that was kind to our doggos and kind to the earth. And thus, Heal DOGGY was born! 

Heal DOGGY treats are made from repurposed organic fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and bioavailable superfood supplements sure to add a spring to your dogs' sprint.

Brimming with vitamins and minerals integral to their well-being, your pupper is sure to gobble these up and beg for more.