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  • Who are your services for?

    Anyone who’s looking to optimize their dogs’ health! You could already be on your wellness journey or new to the party! We’ll simply start wherever you’re at and work to balance your pups diet and lifestyle within your budget and comfort zone!

  • Do I need to feed my dog raw?

    No. Although I’m a firm believer in raw feeding I believe more strongly that you have to do what’s best for you and your family! I am here to provide you with guidance and options so you can boost your dogs’ health whether you want to feed raw, cooked, dehydrated or kibble!

  • Do you work with dogs with serious medical conditions?

    Unfortunately right now I am unable to create diets for diagnosed medical conditions. This will be something we offer in the future but, for now, if your pup is battling a serious illness I will simply be able to point you in the right direction towards someone with a background in creating therapeutic diets.

  • Why does your recipe formulation and analysis service only apply to adult dogs over the age of 1?

    When it comes to puppy diets there’s a lot to learn — they’re going through constant stages of development and figuring out how to balance each stage properly takes years of continued education.

  • How do you feel about veterinarian care?

    I am a big proponent of integrative care! I think it’s definitely important to have yearly check ups with your vet (or bi-annually if you're feeding a homemade diet) or see them whenever there is a serious issue, but I also believe in the power of alternative care — consulting with a nutritionist (like me!), herbalist, chiropractor and/or canine massage therapist. 360 wellness is so powerful.

  • Are you anti-vaccine?

    Most certainly not! I’m also not for over-vaccinating (which is a real issue in the pet health world!). I’m all about smart vaccinating and would love to discuss what that means in our general consultation!