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Our Story

After spending years working with dogs, in varying capacities, I realized how many of our fur babies were suffering with chronic ailments, draining our bank accounts and leaving us too soon! It was these experiences and embarking on my own personal health journey, that lead me to realize that there had to be a clearer path to improved canine wellness (that didn’t include steroid creams, antibiotics and medicated processed food, because that s**t wasn’t working!)

Then 7 glorious years ago, I adopted my (very sensitive) Boxer Bulldog, Opie, and launched myself wholeheartedly into researching, taking workshops and experimenting with disease prevention and holistic remedies to ensure he always felt and looked his best (#crazydogmomlife)!  When I realized how all my hard work had vastly improved Opie's health, and how intrigued other people were to know how he stayed in such good shape, I was inspired to further my education and immersion in the canine wellness world and become fully certified in canine nutrition and raw dog food nutrition to help as many pups as possible.

Today Heal DOGGY serves as a canine wellness hub offering simple, nutrient dense recipes, sustainable tips & tricks, local small batch products (TBA) and nutrition services for both individual pet parents and pet businesses alike.

Empowering people to make healthier choices for their pups brings me unparalleled joy and I can't wait for you to see the difference investing in canine wellness can make. 


Canine Nutrition (CN)

Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

DNM University

Canine Energetics

Rita Hogan

- In Progress